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  • Simplified Strategies that bring this powerful concept to your attention.
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  • Entertaining Education providing step-by-step training on the WaveTrader Method

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What if you could have stocks delivered directly to you with strong market momentum, positioned at the most powerful reversal points?

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There is a powerful trading method that embodies that exact concept. Higher Lows & Lower Highs.

There are many different trading methods around that use this concept. In classic Swing Trading, you want to buy on pullbacks points that form Higher Lows and Lower Highs.

The reason this concept is so POWERFUL stems from the psychology of the stock market. Investors, traders, and fund managers all react emotionally the same to price movements. The market will sell into weakness on Lower Highs and buy the strength of a Higher Low. It is easy to look back historically at charts and see these great trading waves.

What if your Trading Strategy automatically identified these high-energy points across an entire list of symbols, and presented them in your Focus List?

With WaveTrader 2.0 You Will Receive:

Powerful Strategies 

WaveTrader will pinpoint areas of new strength or weakness.

Entertaining Education

Our education provides detailed instruction on using WaveTrader

Powerful Trade Management

Trade plans that time exits for big gains.

"I LOVE this technique..."

"I am certainly enjoying your WaveTrader method video.

I seem to be getting the most value from the videos as I am picking up on your techniques such as HOW you analyze, HOW you determine Market State, HOW and WHY you take a trade or pass on it.

Sort of like "teaching us to fish."I

LOVE this technique! In closing, I sincerely appreciate the new plugin and so admire your teaching and coaching style. You have a real gift."

- Wynn F. 

We Simplified the Approach
To A Complicated Idea...

"Understand the power of chart Waves and beat the pros at their own game!"

The principle of market Waves starts back in the 1930's when the concept was discovered by R.N. Elliott.  The Elliott Wave concept is quite complex in practice, although the theory is easy to understand.

"Elliott pointed out that the stock market unfolded according to a basic rhythm or pattern of five waves up and three waves down to form a complete cycle of eight waves.  The three waves down are referred to as a 'correction' of the preceding five waves up."
- from Robert Prechter's Elliot Wave Principle

Easy in theory but quite difficult in practice, our development team set out to create the perfect tool for identifying key concepts of the Elliott Wave approach. We started the process by analysing 20 years of historical data to accurately identify common traits in price waves.


WaveTrader's powerful strategies will pinpoint areas of new strength or weakness.  This chart of Oshkosh is a perfect demonstration of waves seen in the chart.

These are the peaks and valleys that form the Higher Lows and Lower Highs.  The Lowest Risk Entry Points for ANY chart!  

You will be amazed at how accurately the strategies identify the perfect entry!

WaveTrader Chart

WaveTrader is profitable on 86% of the Buy and Sell Signals generated on Oshkosh Corp 2008-2009.  Nearly Perfect Entries.

Strategies Crafted Specifically to
Ride The Wave!

Long Term

"WT Long Term captures Amazing Extended Moves."

The Wave Trader Long Term Strategy is a mechanical strategy designed to find long term trading opportunities.

The WaveTrader Long Term strategy is based on the WaveTrader system and uses advanced trade management to capture extended moves after the initial WaveTrader signal.

WaveTrader Long Term
WaveTrader Short Term

Short Term

"A Swing Traders Dream!"

The WaveTrader Short Term strategy is a mechanical strategy designed to find highly profitable short-term end of day trading opportunities.

The WaveTrader Short Term strategy is based on the WaveTrader system and utilizes finely tuned exits to capture profit on quick movement after the initial entry.


For traders who want to add to their own trading method, we have created the WaveTrader Prospecting Strategies.

 These strategies use the WaveTrader System and are designed to find optimal entry points.  

This technique is used to allow all of the signals generated by the strategies to be passed through.  This brings you excellent candidates that can be added to your arsenal. 

WaveTrader Prospect
WaveTrader Performance


The Strategy + Trade Plan combinations in WaveTrader 2.0 have shown incredible returns.

The synergy of WaveTrader 2.0 strategies and trade plans are quite incredible.  Running the WaveTrader 2.0 strategies on the Russell 1000 the WT Short Term Strategy has generated a hit rate of over 78%

These are REAL EXITS on WaveTrader Signals.  We have done the hard work so that you can enjoy the benifits.


"Your "WaveTrader Method Seminar" is excellent!It is clear and concise....and should be a great tool for all traders.Well done, Jeff."

- Nick L. 

"Quality of life and stronger family ties"

"WaveTrader 2.0 has become so much more than Trading software. It's become quality of life and stronger family ties.

It allows so much more when looking at the market… I get the full picture. Thank You!”

- Don C. 

"Can't Imagine..."

"It is hard to imagine trading without WaveTrader 2.0"

- Robert B.

"You Can't STOP the Waves
but You CAN  LEARN to Surf"

We understand trying something new can be intimidating.  It is for this reason alone that we have included a comprehensive training course to help you get past the unknown and move towards steady account growth -- the goal of every investor.

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  • Simplified Strategies
  • Powerful Trade Management
  • Entertaining Education
  • Software, data, and custom symbol list

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